Workers’ Compensation Insurance in NJ, NY, and PA

What Is Workers' Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that will pay both medical and wage benefits if someone is injured or becomes ill because of their job or work environment. Each state requires employers to purchase worker’s compensation insurance as protection for their employees. As an employer, your worker’s compensation insurance also protects you against a lawsuit from your employee’s health insurance should a workplace injury or illness occur.

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What Are the Benefits of Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Carrying workers’ compensation means you are working in accordance with state law. However, there are other benefits as well. First, your employees will be less worried about workplace injuries, contributing to a more positive environment. Second, you will be protected against liability lawsuits should an accident occur. Both of these protections are worth the small investment in workers’ compensation policies.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers' Compensation

Who is required to carry workers' compensation coverage?

What kinds of injuries are covered?

Any workplace injury or illness resulting from work activities or conditions may qualify for workers’ compensation coverage.
If an employee is injured at work, they must go to a doctor immediately to get the right medical reports. They can then file a claim with your workers’ compensation insurance plan, including all state-mandated paperwork and forms, and this process is done online. Payments start as soon as the claim is approved.

How do workers' compensation claims work?

If a business has employees, it is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Failure to do so can lead to high fines and even imprisonment. Some states will eliminate the business license of a company that is not properly insured.

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