Malpractice & Professional Liability in NJ, NY, and PA

Benefits of Medical Malpractice & Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance coverage helps protect physicians and many of their employees from medical malpractice claims. While you likely have faith in your ability and that of the qualified staff in your practice to deliver top-quality care with excellent attention to detail, the fact remains that you could be sued should an unintended error occur. You don’t even need to have done anything wrong in order to face a long and costly courtroom battle to defend your business, your reputation, and your financial interests.

A physician professional liability policy is a medical malpractice policy that helps to cover the costs of your defense and may cover all or part of any monetary damages that may be awarded in the event a case is lost. Some medical professionals will need personal policies in order to be covered. Let us help you evaluate your risk and ensure you are protected.

Professional Liability to Hospitals

When it comes to medical malpractice and professional liability insurance for doctors, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals, there are many benefits to be had. The following illustrates some of the reasons why securing such coverage is essential for professionals in the medical field:

  • Protects physicians and health care workers against claims of negligence
  • Prevents against financial devastation to medical practice
  • Provides protection when errors take place

Additionally, doctors, nurses, and other professionals may have medical malpractice or professional liability insurance through their employer. However, this coverage may be insufficient in the face of a potential lawsuit. By securing individual medical malpractice and professional liability coverage, medical professionals can bolster their protection and prevent against being uncovered in the event a claim is filed after leaving a particular practice or hospital.

Professional Liability for Lawyers/Accountants

Your firm needs a partner with specific expertise in providing professional liability insurance for the legal profession. Our experienced agents know the challenges you face in today’s legal environment. We also understand how quickly your insurance situation can change with the addition of a new client or associate. Let us help you review your needs and ensure you are properly covered in the event of a claim.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Errors and omissions liability insurance protects any business that gives advice, makes educated recommendations, designs solutions or represents the needs of others. This type of liability coverage helps protect professional service-providing individuals and companies from having to bear the entire cost burden of defending themselves or their company from a client-originating negligence suit. It also helps cover damages awarded against them in a lawsuit.

We’ll assess your risks and help design coverage to ensure that an unintended error does not cause financial devastation for you and your business.

Medical Malpractice & Professional Liability Insurance FAQs

What does medical malpractice/professional liability insurance cover?

Medical malpractice or professional liability insurance provides coverage to doctors, nurses, physicians, and other health care workers for the following:

  • Legal costs
  • Protection of personal assets (i.e., boats, vacation homes, luxury vehicles, etc.)
  • Lost wages

The types of claims covered under this insurance include allegations of negligence, errors, and omissions by medical professionals.

Do I need medical malpractice insurance if I have “claims-made” coverage through my employer?

While many employers provide “claims-made” coverage to medical professionals, this coverage only kicks in when a patient has filed a claim against a doctor, physician, nurse, or other health care worker. That means if the employee moves to another practice, they will no longer be covered for any claims made by patients they served while employed at their original hospital or medical practice. Therefore, it’s vital that professionals seek individual coverage in order to remain protected.

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