Group, Health, & Life Insurance Benefits in NJ, NY, and PA

When it comes to protecting your health, the health of your loved ones, and the health of your employees, finding the right combination of benefits is crucial. Our expert staff creates targeted insurance programs for your family’s and business’s needs.

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Health Insurance

The right health insurance package can greatly contribute to your well-being and your family’s sense of security. A poorly developed health plan, on the other hand, will let you down when you need it most by failing to cover you or costing you too much out of pocket. Every individual and family’s needs are different when it comes to health insurance. Birtwhistle & Livingston will work with you to explain your options and help you choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects you and your family into the future, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

  • Term life insurance provides good coverage at reasonable rates. This type of life insurance pays out only if the death of the insured person occurs during the term of the policy.
  • Whole life insurance (permanent) is more costly but pays out whenever the holder dies, even if that happens to be decades into the future. In addition to providing a death benefit, whole/permanent life insurance has certain tax advantages and can help to increase your assets, protect your business, plan for retirement, or transfer an estate.

As years pass and your circumstances change, your life insurance coverage may need to change as well to align with your current needs. Some life events that often require a change in coverage include:

  • Marriage/divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • Opening or expansion of a business
  • Change in your health or that of your spouse or child
  • Care needed for an aging parent
  • Purchase of a new home
  • Concerns about retirement
  • Refinancing a home
  • Receiving an inheritance

What type of life insurance is best for you? Let us assist you in identifying the best protection for you and your family so you can prepare for the unexpected.

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Group Health & Life Insurance

If you are a business owner, Birtwhistle & Livingston will work with you to offer life and health group benefits for your employees. We offer a wide range of plans for large companies and small businesses alike. We’ll help you develop packages that suit your employees’ and company’s needs.

Group Life Insurance

Give your employees peace of mind and a sense of security with Birtwhistle & Livingston’s group life insurance packages. You can offer your employees a basic term life insurance package and include flexible options for additional coverage to fit their needs.

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Group Health Insurance

Protect your business’s most important asset: its employees. Develop a standard health plan or create options for flexibility with Birtwhistle & Livingston’s group health insurance. Choose from additional benefits such as vision and dental. Our agents will walk you through the process and help you create the best packages to prioritize the health of your employees while managing costs.

Choose Birtwhistle & Livingston for Targeted Coverage Solutions

At Birtwhistle & Livingston, we treat our customers like family. And like our family, we’re committed to your health, safety, and peace of mind. We’ll provide guidance and insight as we help you develop the best protection for your situation.

Call us at (201) 568-5001 or contact us online to develop custom group, health, and life insurance packages to fit your needs in NJ, NY & PA.

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