Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance in NY, NJ & PA

What Is Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance?

Businesses that ship products over land or sea take on many risks as soon as their product leaves the manufacturing facility. Inland insurance protects against damage or theft when transporting products across land, while ocean marine insurance protects against damage to products transported via sea. If you regularly have property transported off-site to another facility or a retailer, you need inland and ocean marine insurance coverage.

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Benefits of Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance

Once your property leaves your hand in transit to a final destination, you lose all insurance protection that you have at your facility. If the cargo ship or semi-truck runs into a problem, you could lose all of your investment. This is where inland and ocean marine insurance coverage can help. With one of these policies in place, your products or supplies are protected, whether they are with you or not. In addition, any transportation equipment or vessels that are part of your fleet are covered for damages and liability.

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Specialized policies like inland and ocean marine insurance are sometimes hard to understand, but we’re here to help. Birtwhistle & Livingston offers inland and ocean marine insurance policies that will protect your goods in transit and on the road. We will help you understand these coverage options and plan a custom insurance policy that fits your unique needs.

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FAQs About Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance

What is covered by inland marine insurance?

Inland marine insurance covers items shipped on land. Coverage includes:

  • Property while it is in transit

  • Transportation equipment

  • Property in your temporary care

What is covered by ocean marine coverage?

Ocean marine coverage will protect:

  • The vessel used to ship items

  • Your cargo on ocean vessels

  • Liability and indemnity coverage

Do I need inland and ocean marine coverage?

If you own a business that regularly ships items by land or by sea, this coverage is an important protection for your business and its products.

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