Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance in NY, NJ & PA

What Is Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance?

Businesses that ship products over land or sea take on many risks as soon as their product leaves the manufacturing facility. Inland insurance protects against damage or theft when transporting products across land, while ocean marine insurance protects against damage to products transported via sea. If you regularly have property transported off-site to another facility or a retailer, you need inland and ocean marine insurance coverage.

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Benefits of Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance

Before purchasing an insurance policy, it’s important for business owners to understand the differences between commercial general liability and business owners policies. The following illustrates the main differences between the two:


  • Commercial General Liability: These policies provide basic liability protection for physical injuries, property damage, and reputational damage claims. The policy will pay for the injured party’s medical and repair bills, plus any legal fees you incur if they file a lawsuit against you.
  • Business Owners Policies: This type of policy bundles general liability and commercial property insurance together to reimburse business owners for property and assets damaged by fire, theft, or natural disaster. The policy provides more robust coverage, including business interruption coverage for lost wages and ongoing operational expenses.


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A commercial umbrella insurance policy has many benefits, especially in relation to the small amount of expense it incurs.

  • Added protection: This type of policy protects your business with additional coverage, which is especially important if your business has a high value or many valuable assets.
  • Broadened coverage: Most general liability policies exclude coverage for certain “Acts of God.” A commercial umbrella insurance policy may provide coverage for events that are excluded under your general liability policy.
  • Low cost for high value: Umbrella insurance policies are inexpensive in relation to the higher amount of coverage they provide.

The only disadvantage to adding commercial umbrella insurance is that you might spend money on a commercial umbrella insurance policy only to never use it.

FAQs About Inland & Ocean Marine Insurance

What is covered by inland marine insurance?

Inland marine insurance covers items shipped on land. Coverage includes:

  • Property while it is in transit

  • Transportation equipment

  • Property in your temporary care

What is covered by ocean marine coverage?

Ocean marine coverage will protect:

  • The vessel used to ship items

  • Your cargo on ocean vessels

  • Liability and indemnity coverage

Do I need inland and ocean marine coverage?

If you own a business that regularly ships items by land or by sea, this coverage is an important protection for your business and its products.

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