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At Birtwhistle & Livingston, we are committed to helping business owners get the comprehensive coverage they need to be successful. We offer many different business insurance options to protect businesses and business owners against unforeseen events. Our agents will work with you to determine the best combination of policies to keep your business going no matter what happens.

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What Is Business Insurance?

Companies assume various risks every day in the course of conducting their business. Business insurance protects businesses from losses that may occur due to these risks. Birstwhistle & Livingston strives to find the best business insurance plan and carrier for each client. We can help you develop a comprehensive coverage plan that includes:

Commercial and business owners’ policies

Business owners policies and commercial packages allow businesses to bundle together some of the more common types of stand-alone insurance policies for deeply discounted rates. This makes common insurance policies more affordable for business owners while providing some degree of coverage for the essentials.

Commercial umbrella insurance

Your current general liability coverage may protect your business against a minor misfortune, but it will not be sufficient in the event of a major lawsuit. Commercial umbrella insurance supplements existing insurance policies, giving you an additional layer of protection for your business in the event that costs go beyond your general liability policy limits. This saves your business from having to absorb a potentially catastrophic loss.

Workers compensation insurance

Workers compensation coverage helps cover medical costs, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages for employees who are injured or become ill performing duties on the job. It also provides employers’ liability coverage to the employer for their liability for work-related bodily injury or disease. This coverage offers peace of mind to both the employer and the employee.

Inland and ocean marine insurance

Both inland and ocean marine insurance protect your business’s property while it is in transport and away from your place of business. Inland marine insurance protects property and transportation equipment that is in transit over land. Ocean marine insurance is used to protect cargo, vessels, and other items while they are being transported across the ocean. Both of these policies offer more protection than a traditional property insurance policy does.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Insurance

Why do I need business insurance?

Business insurance provides essential protection against losses due to accidents, injuries, property damage, and litigation. Without business insurance, you run the risk of having to pay out of pocket for any of these events. With average costs of business lawsuits ranging from $54,000 to $91,000, it’s important to safeguard your business against a loss.

What types of business insurance do I need?

General liability insurance is recommended for all businesses to protect against bodily injury and property damage, as well as other common customer incidents. Commercial umbrella insurance can extend liability insurance for added protection. Most states require businesses to have worker’s compensation insurance, as well as commercial auto insurance for company-owned vehicles

What is business liability insurance?

Business liability insurance protects a business from losses due to bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, copyright infringement, or reputational harm. Liability claims occur commonly during the course of regular business. Without liability insurance, some businesses might not have the resources to cover these costs on their own

Is business insurance required by law?

Most states require a business with employees to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. They may also require businesses to have commercial auto insurance for business-owned vehicles, professional liability insurance for certain services, and/or liquor liability insurance if they sell alcohol. It’s important to talk to an experienced insurance provider in your state to learn what kind of insurance is required for your business

How much does business insurance cost?

The cost of business insurance varies greatly based on the size of your business, your industry, the number of people you employ, your revenue, and location. Contact us to discuss what types of insurance can best protect your business and get custom quotes for multiple options.

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Birtwhistle & Livingston is proud to serve the coverage needs of businesses throughout our community and region. We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your business and will create a targeted insurance program to help you safeguard it. Our commercial business insurance policies will allow you to run your business with the peace of mind that you’re minimizing your insurance costs while maximizing your protection.

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